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About me

Hello! I'm Jesi, the creative mix behind Creando.


I was born and raised in Argentina, with Italian background, but I consider myself a little bit of each place where I live.

Since I was 4 years old I went to an art workshop, as a girl I painted landscapes with oil and that would be what would make me want to visit those places later. Or maybe the plane that could be seen from the kindergarten, (it was next to the plane square, in Ciudad Jardin).

In 2013 I graduated as an Interior Designer.

And in February 2016 I decided to embark on my dream of starting to travel the world. This experience allowed me to work in different countries (doing a bit of everything) and adapt to different cultures.

I am a lover of cooking and activities in contact with nature.

As a way to leave my mark, I began to paint murals where the opportunity arose and thus Creando en Movimiento was born. Then workshops were added to enhance creativity. And I was recording what the world inspired me through watercolors and digital illustrations.


Now Im living in Tasmania, Australia, 

Places where I lived: New Zealand, Andorra, Italy, Australia, Argentina.

Places I visited: Australia, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)  Nepal, Switzerland, Spain, Prague (Czech Republic), New York (USA), Cancun (Mexico) Chile, Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). 


In 2020 the pandemic found me visiting Buenos Aires, so I decided to unite my passions, travel and art and create a collection of products inspired by my own movement.

Today I choose to leave my mark in different parts of the world making murals, illustrating and designing for different projects, ventures and brands. Also doing creative consultancies. And recently I ventured into the world of handpoke tattoos.

As much as we stay still, a part of us keeps moving. When you move you are in constant energy, which transmits feelings that can be transformed, strengthened and awaken the creative side that we all have inside.

Do you dare to accompany me?

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