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I´m Jesi, a creative mix between design, illustrations, murals, creative consulting and tattoos with the handpoke technique.


I like to leave my mark in different parts of the world with my art. I am in Australia today. 


As much as we stand still, a part of us is still moving. When you move you are in constant energy, which transmits feelings that can transform, enhance and awaken the creative side that we all have inside.


You’re welcome to meet!

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Creative Consultancy

If you find yourself in a creative process and feel that you need feedback on how you come up with your project or another perspective, I offer you my knowledge and experience. 

1:1 consulting to analyze together, observing each issue in which you are doubting and/or put together an action plan to carry out that project.

This space is born from experiences with colleagues where we were able to observe the potential of this service.

For more information, we can coordinate a free 15-minute assessment and tell me about your project.

Design and Illustrations

I like to boost the creative side that we all have inside so that you can convey your message. 


Illustrations for social networks, web sites, apply in digital documents, Gifs for giphy. 

Illustrations to apply to products such as stationery, textiles, flyers and editorial design. 

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Illustrations for content and travel editorial.

Packaging Design

If you are looking to present your product in a way that is part of a conscious experience. That what it includes can have a new use, that it is not a simple packaging, but that we can give it another use, avoiding contaminating.

If you resonate with that style of packaging, 

Branding and Visual Identity

The idea of this process is to achieve a coherent and differentiating branding strategy, to develop the image together with the communication and thus capture the essence of your project.

Do you want us to work together?

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Murals and interventions

“There is nothing more beautiful than arriving at a place and feeling that peace, finding myself and rearming myself. Falling in love with the brush again and with the feeling of expressing everything on a paper and starting to think of a wall because a canvas is no longer enough.”


Travel journal, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand, 2016

If you want to make a mural or participate in an event intervening in a stained glass window, space or object.

Online Store

I have a capsule of products inspired by my own movement. 

Among them stationery and original watercolor paintings.

Handpoke Tattoo

It is an ancient technique that does not use a machine, it is done point by point. All the elements are disposable and the same safety and hygiene precautions are taken as the traditional method.

Do you want to know more or schedule an appointment?

Thanks for getting here!

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